Room for one

I had the fullest use of the writer’s room at University today, being as I was the only one there. I did some work, had lunch, read for a bit and nearly fell asleep so comfy, cosy was I. This is where I spread out for a bit this afternoon. I find I work better when I have less distractions. At home I can be distracted by any number of things including West Wing box sets, laundry and refolding scarves. At University the chocolate machine is quite a hike – well a couple of minutes, so I tend not to … Continue reading Room for one

Writer in Residence

We had all been sworn to secrecy in case we leaked it, but I can now announce the appointment of James Robertson as the first writer in residence for the MA Creative Writing course. As a class we knew that the post had been created but we did not know who the writer was until last week. I spent a happy few days pretending it was Stephen King, which is not to say that I am disappointed with Mr Robertson at all and I have moved his novel The Testament of Gideon Mack from its previous position to the number … Continue reading Writer in Residence

Literaturetraining and Linda Cracknell

We had a guest speaker yesterday, the author Linda Cracknell whose blog is here. Linda was accompanied by Philippa Johnston the Director of Literaturetraining, an online one stop shop offering a wealth of information and resources for writers. It was a three hour session designed to get us thinking about our goals as writers, what we want to accomplish, where we want to be after graduating, in three years, in five years and crucially, how we are going to accomplish such lofty goals. Linda Cracknell took us through her journey from a standing start to where she is now. I was impressed that a published author … Continue reading Literaturetraining and Linda Cracknell

Dialogic and the King

Ergh…but in a good way. I have a 3,000 word life writing assignment to finish by Friday 04 December, and a further 3,000 words in which I cleverly illustrate my learning of theory to a short story also due to be submitted by Friday 04 December. Through my mentoring with Sam Kelly I have finally chosen the writing project I am going to focus on and I should have something on paper by my next mentoring session this Thursday. In closing, the course coupled with all I have to do to earn the barest living has resulted in a review … Continue reading Dialogic and the King