Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Forgive me my absence as I forgive yours. I have been working on my major project, which is scheduled for hand in on 05 August. I thought it was all going well, but now I can see it is total rubbish. I have chosen an all too predictable structure and as David Miller told us structure was everything, I can only presume my efforts so far total nothing.  Send talent, inspiration and wine in equal measures. That is all. Continue reading Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Self-esteem Upgrade

While I appreciate I walk among those who do not need external validation, I have to confess receiving praise and encouragement from Sam Kelly and David Bishop has resulted in a little cloud under my feet and smile plastered across my face which can be seen from space. Deep space.  Also I have a strange warm feeling in my stomach that has nothing to do with after dinner drinks. I am ignoring the part where they slam-dunked my self-reflective essay and final polish skills. That never happened y’hear? Continue reading Self-esteem Upgrade

Guest Speakers

My creative non-fiction colleagues and I enjoyed an inspiring and informed afternoon on Friday in the company of the lovely and talented Kate Summerscale (The Suspicions of Mr Wicher, The Queen of Whale Cay) and her agent, the equally lovely and talented David Miller of RCW Literary Agency. It was interesting to hear a published author discuss some of the things we have been looking at in class and in our personal mentoring, in particular the importance and the function of structure. Kate described shape and structure as the space around the facts of non-fiction where she can discover her … Continue reading Guest Speakers

The Writing on the Wall

At my interview for the MA Creative Writing course, I was shown round the rather impressive facilities of the writer’s room and lounge complete with TV, DVDs, desks, books and, a full size white board for writerly use. Sadly this last facility quickly became akin to a toilet wall with very little creativity employed. Here, David Bishop shows us how to really make use of such a contraption. Continue reading The Writing on the Wall