Ergh…but in a good way. I have a 3,000 word life writing assignment to finish by Friday 04 December, and a further 3,000 words in which I cleverly illustrate my learning of theory to a short story also due to be submitted by Friday 04 December. Through my mentoring with Sam Kelly I have finally chosen the writing project I am going to focus on and I should have something on paper by my next mentoring session this Thursday.

In closing, the course coupled with all I have to do to earn the barest living has resulted in a review and renew of  all my time management (which let’s face it could stand a little(read a lot) tweaking) skills and practices. And instead of all the above I am drinking half price Cava and trawling around Facebook and Playgirl – is this site deliberately aimed at gay men? When will women have woman specific porn?

I have (with some guidance) chosen Mikhail Bakhtin’s dialogic theory which I am bashing and shaping to fit the marvellous and wonderful Stephen King short story ‘Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut’ from Skeleton Crew. I need to find out if I can legally post a link to the story, which I typed up from the book myself. If you haven’t read it; do.

P.S the playgirl landing was not deliberate…but the lingering was

Also think I am getting into Bakhtin…