Room for one

I had the fullest use of the writer’s room at University today, being as I was the only one there. I did some work, had lunch, read for a bit and nearly fell asleep so comfy, cosy was I.

This is where I spread out for a bit this afternoon.

A clear desk shows a clear mind

I find I work better when I have less distractions. At home I can be distracted by any number of things including West Wing box sets, laundry and refolding scarves. At University the chocolate machine is quite a hike – well a couple of minutes, so I tend not to bother. (That is such a lie)

Being a writer’s room there are a lot of books and today I borrowed four, including James Robertson’s The Testament of Gideon Mack. Which I started immediately. (I always forget to close read, especially if the text reaches out and grabs me by the hair with the first sentence).

There was a display of James Robertson books on the table which I destroyed by removing TTofGM , and a schedule for those students who want to put their names down for a chat with our new writer in residence. We are a very organised bunch.

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