Searching for …

This week’s top search, at least so far, must go to whoever optimistically sat down in front of Google and typed “charming behaviour“. No doubt they are having trouble finding charming behaviour in society in general and thought they would try their luck online. I am always amazed when people are rude. Not just because manners are free and most rude people would benefit greatly from taking advantage of them but because being rude is a real gamble these days. How do the torn faced and mealy-mouthed house viewers who delight in shaking their heads before telling me they don’t … Continue reading Searching for …

Online vices and virtues

I am becoming slowly but surely addicted to Evernote. That first note you make yourself – not a saved web page – but your own writing, is exactly like that first cigarette. I don’t remember my first kiss or my first time but I do remember my first cigarette and now my first Evernote note. A girl can’t have too many firsts. Although I have managed to kick my nicotine habit into touch, I have never managed to loosen the grip of my stationery addiction. That monkey has been riding on my back since I was four and we are … Continue reading Online vices and virtues

Judgement shall now be passed

I admit it. Freely and in front of you. I make snap judgments about people often based on nothing more than what they are wearing and what they look like. Let me give you a recent example. On our first day back at university, the literary editor for the Scotsman newspaper, aka The Browser, aka Stuart Kelly, aka our Reader-in-Residence, held a literary quiz that featured a wholly original scoring system and was graciously supplemented with wine and nibbles.  I was sharing a sofa with two fellow students, one of whom I know is primarily interested in writing porn; I … Continue reading Judgement shall now be passed

The Perfect Partnership

Bacon and eggs. Gin and tonic. Burton and Taylor. I am sure you can think of many more. I was given the perfect partnership for Christmas this year – a Sony Reader and a hot water bottle with a pink fake fur cover. Aahhhh! (although reading a book without the physical book required quite a leap of faith. I feel a bit like the Roadrunner running without noticing there is no road beneath him. ‘Sa work in progress) Continue reading The Perfect Partnership