Online vices and virtues

I am becoming slowly but surely addicted to Evernote. That first note you make yourself – not a saved web page – but your own writing, is exactly like that first cigarette. I don’t remember my first kiss or my first time but I do remember my first cigarette and now my first Evernote note. A girl can’t have too many firsts.

Although I have managed to kick my nicotine habit into touch, I have never managed to loosen the grip of my stationery addiction. That monkey has been riding on my back since I was four and we are still friends. It is an addiction that has matured into a well rounded rather pleasant fetish,  perfectly at home indoors and out. My only problem with stationery is that I fall in love with a notebook and assign it a Great Purpose, then immediately either forget that purpose or randomly use the notebook for something else. The result is that if you ask me for say, a list of everyone’s birthdays, I would need to look up about seven different notebooks. If you asked me for all my class notes for trimester one, bearing in mind I only had two classes, we would need to flip through two moleskins and two Claire Fontaine notebooks. It’s a pernicious habit that makes collating notes, lists and writing very difficult. This has been compounded over the past few years with my writing files and documents being strewn across two desktops, three memory sticks, one lap top, Google Docs, Word 2003 and Word 2007.  Hmm this started off to highlight my delight and addiction to stationery and online note-taking and instead has become an exposé of my shocking filing habits. With self revelatory tendencies like this who needs bad word of mouth?

So I am kinda loving Evernote which for me works a bit like Delicious fused with eight thousand notebooks. I have been using it for blog entries, scribbles, random paragraphs, aide memoires, research and lists. Although – hang on – shit! My Evernote filing is also appalling. I am going to stop this rather damming confession lest I shame myself into the mammoth task of  refiling my life as a displacement activity. You can check out Evernote here.

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