The Week That Was

It has been an odd week. It started on Monday when I woke to discover my 30’s had flitted in the night, leaving no forwarding address, no thank you note and only an old bar of soap for me to sniff in remembrance. 40 is a strange age and one that is too grown up for me to understand. I am no longer a girl or young woman; I am now the age of a parent, except I don’t have any children to accurately accessorise my new years. I thought as someone not planning to have children, I would somehow be able to spend more time in my … Continue reading The Week That Was

The Sweetest Words

I once bellowed ‘Fuck!’ at the top of my voice in John Lewis when after 15 attempts I still couldn’t work my new mobile phone. Since I looked up to find an entire cluck of shoppers staring at me in disgust, I have gradually become aware that I speak to myself in shops, the car, libraries, in front of my chiropractor – who has since referred me to anyone else but him, and the streets of Edinburgh in general – though my language has greatly improved. Last week in a few hurried moments when I was trying to purchase a … Continue reading The Sweetest Words

The What in the World is a Balloon

For those of you who don’t know I have two cats. They are sisters and I am not a chick lit cliché. Well, 80 more pairs of shoes and then I can be a chick lit cliché. Actually I only own around 7-9 pairs of shoes but 6-8 pairs of these have heels of more than 3 inches. Being as I am 5’10 and have been taller than or as tall as most boys since I was 9, I don’t often wear heels. Except in the house and if I am going out for dinner alone. OK fine.  I am … Continue reading The What in the World is a Balloon