I shall be mostly

Today I plan to paint the bathroom ceiling and catch up on some reading. I do hope none of the words get stuck in wet paint. I may also make time to continue the pokeathon I am conducting with Seb on Facebook, whilst avoiding a caffeine overdose of cheap instant coffee.

1,000 words paint a bathroom ceiling

4 thoughts on “I shall be mostly

  1. Would be interested to hear what you make of the Calvino and Barker. I reacted with violent, leg-twitching irritation to both.

    Diaz I really loved. Crackly lessons in Dominican history, very vibrant.

    1. I am stuck in Umberto Eco right now – not literally of course. Which one would you recommend first? I have about 1,000 books battling it out for succession to be ‘the next to be read’. Tis fun to watch.

  2. I’d go with Diaz, or the first 100 pages of Barker (which are very good). I want to read Confederacy of Dunces when you’re finished with it. ::cough cough::

    1. I will bring it in for you next Thursday – I am never going to get round to it before then so one of us may as well read it! It comes very highly recommended.

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