Searching for …

This week’s top search, at least so far, must go to whoever optimistically sat down in front of Google and typed “charming behaviour“. No doubt they are having trouble finding charming behaviour in society in general and thought they would try their luck online.

I am always amazed when people are rude. Not just because manners are free and most rude people would benefit greatly from taking advantage of them but because being rude is a real gamble these days. How do the torn faced and mealy-mouthed house viewers who delight in shaking their heads before telling me they don’t think much of bathroom tiles/wallpaper/design/price, know that I am not going to turn round and slap them across the face because they have offended me? I might be mildly unstable that day. I find it really hard to be rude, which is a shame because I think I would be great at it. I wage a constant battle to suppress ill feeling towards others but oh how I would love to let rip someday …

2 thoughts on “Searching for …

    1. I would like to live inside Google; in a condo on the island of lost searches. But the searches I mention are those that catapulted poor souls to this blog. WordPress cleverly record them for you.

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