Street Reading

Word, y’all!

After seeing Stuart Kelly successfully navigate his way round North Fort Street carrying a shopping bag and reading a book, I have been in training. I have never, never been able to read when walking. I did once finish a Dean R Koontz book in the shower because I was scared and needed to get to the soft ending, but I was about 14 so don’t start with me!

I Googled ‘ walking and reading’ to see if perhaps Stuart was part of a much bigger movement I have hitherto been ignorant of, but all that search offered was a list of walks in Reading. A brisk manipulation of ‘and’ to ‘whilst’ provided much more fruit.

Firstly, someone has gone to the trouble of listing instructions complete with safety tips that include not walking down the stairs, but more excitingly, a group of 49 people have banded together through the power of social media to promote ‘Reading While Walking‘. They don’t seem to have too much to say right now but I suspect that is because they are busy reading. Ssh!

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