Street Reading – again

He’s the type of chap you only see in ‘local’ pubs. I am sure you know the type.  He is always a bit scruffy and occasionally a bit dirty. He always asks his boss for an advance on next week’s wages, which is clever because now he owes so much money they can’t fire him. You wonder if he ever had a wife to look after him and the truth is that he did, but being a drunk, he thinks he dreamt her. He is waiting for the big promotion at the factory and at 58, has not realised it’s … Continue reading Street Reading – again

Street Reading

Word, y’all! After seeing Stuart Kelly successfully navigate his way round North Fort Street carrying a shopping bag and reading a book, I have been in training. I have never, never been able to read when walking. I did once finish a Dean R Koontz book in the shower because I was scared and needed to get to the soft ending, but I was about 14 so don’t start with me! I Googled ‘ walking and reading’ to see if perhaps Stuart was part of a much bigger movement I have hitherto been ignorant of, but all that search offered … Continue reading Street Reading

More on Street Reading, Street Reviews and e-reading

I found this article among many in my Reader this morning and it got me thinking again about book covers, synopsis and street reading. I picked up Jarful of Angels by Babs Horton at least 1,000 times in Waterstones over the course of about three months. I liked the book cover but hated the synopsis so much that I always put it back down. Finally I bought the book and loved it; the cover was right but the synopsis was wrong. I now trust Babs Horton and won’t even look at the synopsis when I see her work;  although I … Continue reading More on Street Reading, Street Reviews and e-reading

Street Reading and Street Reviews

Forgive me WordPress for I have sinned. It’s been nearly three weeks since my last post. There has been a lot going on, not least my sister being injured in a car crash. It was quite scary the first few days especially when she stopped breathing after her lungs collapsed but I am happy to say that she is going to be absolutely fine once orthopaedics finish stapling and glueing her leg back together. Travelling to the hospital to see her requires a four hour return trip and given that I haven’t spoken to my sister in 18 years, bedside … Continue reading Street Reading and Street Reviews