Street Reading – again

He’s the type of chap you only see in ‘local’ pubs. I am sure you know the type.  He is always a bit scruffy and occasionally a bit dirty. He always asks his boss for an advance on next week’s wages, which is clever because now he owes so much money they can’t fire him. You wonder if he ever had a wife to look after him and the truth is that he did, but being a drunk, he thinks he dreamt her. He is waiting for the big promotion at the factory and at 58, has not realised it’s a bit late for him to get his shit together. Today I saw him walking down the street holding a plastic bag and the top of his jeans with one hand and reading the latest Lee Child paperback with the other. Kudos.

I also saw a new shop which was proudly displaying two huge signs drawing attention to their ‘Specialized Signage’ business. I presume spell check in English (UK) is extra.


A real page turner


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