Impatiently waiting for me to mix a drink, my mother picked up and idly flicked through my last theory assignment, which looked at some of the main ideas from Michael Foucault’s essay ‘What is an Author?” and the author online. I wasn’t really expecting much of a reaction but she emitted a little astonished “Oh!” of recognition.  I was quite taken aback until she explained that no, she didn’t have a clue who Foucault was or what he was going on about, but she did recognise Christopher Fowler who I mention in relation to the online presence of the author through blogging.

Rummaging in her bag she produced an audio book of Mr. Fowler’s Bryant & May stories, a recent library find. I explained that Mr. Fowler was the author of an excellent book called Roofworld  – and didn’t get any further as it turns out she also read it years ago. My mother doesn’t often gush and she confessed to not remembering much about the story (me too) but apparently does think of the book every – and she reiterated every, time she looks at the tops of buildings (me too).  She said she is always looking for movement, some sign that someone is there. It was a nice moment and I really must get a hold of Roofworld to re-read. I have sub-borrowed the Bryant & May audio book which I shall start tonight.