Bryant and May

Just listening to the last couple of chapters of the audiobook ‘White Corridor’ by Christopher Fowler. I was not expecting either of the storylines to end the way they did, especially the ‘perfect murder’ in the morgue. Brilliant, funny and very different. I now want to work in the Peculiar Crimes Unit but will settle for reading the rest of the books. Continue reading Bryant and May

It’s a small Roof-world

Impatiently waiting for me to mix a drink, my mother picked up and idly flicked through my last theory assignment, which looked at some of the main ideas from Michael Foucault’s essay ‘What is an Author?” and the author online. I wasn’t really expecting much of a reaction but she emitted a little astonished “Oh!” of recognition.  I was quite taken aback until she explained that no, she didn’t have a clue who Foucault was or what he was going on about, but she did recognise Christopher Fowler who I mention in relation to the online presence of the author … Continue reading It’s a small Roof-world

A complaint to Hodder and Stoughton

I am a very lucky girl to have so many talented friends. I have friends from whom I can pump information about the law (in Scotland), classical music, opera, dance, ballet, horticulture, interior design, museum design, industrial construction, diving and deeeeeep diving, cakes, the provision of water for an entire country (funny I never tend to ask her many questions), the internet and most things tech, advertising (same person and an impressive force to reckon with), print and design, national tourism, e-bay, the property market,  internal corporate communications, international project and/or event management, sales, life and executive coaching, knitting – … Continue reading A complaint to Hodder and Stoughton

Does anyone know?

I have the unabridged recordings of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings narrated by Rob Inglis. There is mention in a Stephen King story of an unabridged recording by John Gielgud – does this exist or is it a Kingian existence? Are there any plans to record a new unabridged reading say by Ian McKellan or Viggo Mortenson…or should I keep my fantasies to myself? Gosh I wish I had the power to commission such flights of fancy into reality. Sigh. Continue reading Does anyone know?