Have it your way

While I don’t exactly live life right on the edge, I like to try most things once. But let me save you the trouble: Gourmet Burger Kitchen on George Street – the Gourmet is silent. When the waiter asked me if this was my first time at ‘GBK’ – I swear to God she said that – I should have walked out. Their business model requires you to pay for your meal before you consume it; hell, before you even lay eyes on it. At least McDonald’s give you a Photoshop representation of what you are about to receive. Without flogging … Continue reading Have it your way

Book Festival Events

There is very little wrong with the Edinburgh Book Festival; the rain and the white wine to be precise. The cramped seating doesn’t worry me as long as I have an aisle seat but why, oh why do I always end up sitting in front of the plankton whose mother was drunk the day she was supposed to tell them to “COVER YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU COUGH!” When you feel your hair parting with the force of someone’s germ ridden breath you ought to be able to respond with extreme violence. I attended two events last night and was coughed on … Continue reading Book Festival Events