Edinburgh Book Festival

It is not just writers showing their talent at the book festival. The illustrious, multi-coloured, gluten-free Chrisdonia, Scotland’s literary paparazzo is once again official photographer. There are some interesting shots of a grubby man in home-made pants that I want … Continue reading Edinburgh Book Festival

Edinburgh International Writers’ Conference 1962 and 2012

This is very exciting. Very exciting indeed. Edinburgh World Writers’ Conference to launch in August  You can see excerpts from the original conference programme at Reality Studio, a very cool William S Burroughs community site. There is also a list of the 1962 delegates; it’s going to be interesting to compare this to 2012 list.  I was having a quick look around to find out more about the 1962 conference and found a few snippets. LOUDER THAN WAR JOHN CALDER ARTICLE STEWART SMITH ARTICLE Continue reading Edinburgh International Writers’ Conference 1962 and 2012

AL Kennedy at the Book Festival

I took copious notes at the AL Kennedy event, but to be honest, I was a little drunk and can’t make any sense of them. I had arrived early at Charlotte Square and smuggled in a bottle of wine, my intention to find a quiet corner to read and relax. I found an abandoned church pew outside the RBS Main Theatre where Alison was scheduled to appear and settled down. Pews, whether they are inside a church or outside at a book festival are most uncomfortable. I was about to move to a rather lovely wooden table and chair ensemble under some trees – I do like a … Continue reading AL Kennedy at the Book Festival