It is not just writers showing their talent at the book festival.

The illustrious, multi-coloured, gluten-free Chrisdonia, Scotland’s literary paparazzo is once again official photographer. There are some interesting shots of a grubby man in home-made pants that I want to know more about…for obvious reasons.

Making her first official debut is the extremely talented Morag Edward, who goes where no camera can, and who you can follow here. I am still in love with one of her drawings from last year – Fleck Feet – and am working out how to ask her if I can buy it.

But so far my favourite image from the book festival this year is from the creamy Ms. Ever Dundas, who you can read here, and listen to at the festival on Thursday 23 August as part of the City of Literature’s Story Shop.

Superb shot.

Photo by Ever Dundas