Have it your way

While I don’t exactly live life right on the edge, I like to try most things once. But let me save you the trouble: Gourmet Burger Kitchen on George Street – the Gourmet is silent. When the waiter asked me if this was my first time at ‘GBK’ – I swear to God she said that – I should have walked out. Their business model requires you to pay for your meal before you consume it; hell, before you even lay eyes on it. At least McDonald’s give you a Photoshop representation of what you are about to receive. Without flogging a dead horse let me just say this: the fries were greasy chip shop chips, they didn’t toast the burger buns and none of the three toilet cubicles had toilet paper.

Somewhat disgruntled I ambled over to see Richard Wiseman promoting his new book, Paranormality, which made it to my research list for major project. Richard Wiseman is a bit like modern technology for me: I’ve heard of him but I’m not really sure what he is or what he does, so I was very keen to see a modern debunker in the flesh.

He was far too entertaining to take any notes so see for yourself.

Richard Wiseman

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