Peer Pressure

Peer pressure has never had much effect on me. When I see a horde of people all moving in one direction, it’s my nature to walk purposely and quickly in the opposite direction. This might be because the first time I gave in to peer pressure was to take a giant sniff of poppers, which I can recommend if you want an instant migraine. Like Tom, Wily E Coyote and Sylvester before me, colourful stars and birds began to whirl round my head and I’m not ashamed to admit I cried a little. I also began to cultivate a new circle of friends the very next day.

I will though, do anything for love (yes even that), and last night in complete disregard for my stomach, I allowed myself to be coerced into drinking coffee flavoured Baileys through a straw made by biting off both ends of a Cadbury’s Chocolate Finger. You wouldn’t think it would work but it does, although I suspect suck starting a jet engine might be easier. The Baileys makes the biscuit disintegrate from the inside and when you feel the liquid hit your tongue the trick is to shove the whole thing in your mouth for a big creamy, biscuity finish. I’m not the biggest fan of Baileys and only tolerate milk chocolate; and given we had already experimented by dipping Fingers in mango chutney, it was not a culinary high point. I had to leave soon after in case I puked.

I couldn’t help but wonder if I had better enjoyed my early experience with amyl nitrate, my rock and roll lifestyle today would involve more waking up naked on a trains with a bunch of strangers rather than staying safe at home experimenting with chocolate biscuits? Ah well.

Has never experimented with chocolate biscuits

2 thoughts on “Peer Pressure

  1. Snorting gin & tonic up your nose through a straw is pretty good fun. It’s been a while since I tried it mind and can’t recall if the ban from the licensed premises was for a fixed period or life.

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