The Log of Consciousness

Taking nearly all the magic out of writing, researchers in New York have developed an algorithm to determine if you have written a best seller. Or not, as is more often the case.

This procedure for ‘calculating’ a bestseller looks at the correlation between writing style and commercial success. Not surprisingly the research began at Project Gutenberg with the success of the novel determined by the number of downloads. Less successful novels relied on Amazon’s sales ranking, and The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown was included because of the sheer weight of negative critical evaluation in spite of its enormous commercial success. Continue reading “The Log of Consciousness”

You May Begin

Yesterday was my first day as an exam invigilator. As days go, it was pretty uneventful although I did trap myself in a disabled toilet using nothing more than the power of my mind and the belt from my coat. Luckily I managed to free myself by reverse engineering the power of my mind and the belt from my coat. I was the youngest invigilator by about 200 years. It seems to be a twilight career choice; something to get you out the house when you no longer have a real job to define you. One invigilator seemed to relish … Continue reading You May Begin