Big Jessies and Rude-Boys

It would appear while my back was turned that things have changed on the recruitment front. Now, even if you have had an interview, employers do not bother to get in touch to let you know if they want you for a second interview or if you are just not the person they have been looking for all this time. Even if you e-mail them to thank them for their time and reiterate your interest in the role and ask directly if they want you for a second interview (after a week’s wait), their response is blowing in the wind.

When did common courtesy fall out of the workplace? I don’t care how busy you are, or how important you think your role is, if you can’t find the time to respond to an email with a brief ‘thanks but not thanks’, then it is not a new employee you need but a serious rethink of your business. Because you suck. And not in the good way. It makes you look cowardly, and I can’t think of anything worse in a business. I would thank you for doing me a favour by not employing me – because who the hell wants to work for you, you rude son of a bitch – but I can’t be bothered.


2 thoughts on “Big Jessies and Rude-Boys

  1. Grrrr! indeed. But then I’m not sure I’d reply to someone who just scatters apostrophe’s willy nilly all over the place. “Rude-boy’s”; and what is it that belongs to the rude-boy?

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