Working High

Fabulous three days at work although I feel I’ve been in the showflat for days. I was there until from 10:30 to 20:30 on Saturday, 18:30 on Sunday and 21:00 today with an hour or two off for good behaviour. We did reserve two apartments though which is good news for all concerned. I am on a testosterone sales high and should probably go out and ball something. But I will spice up my cup of Darjeeling with an out of date sleeping tablet and feed the cats instead. And listen to my Agatha Christie audiobook. Good grief I just … Continue reading Working High

Big Jessies and Rude-Boys

It would appear while my back was turned that things have changed on the recruitment front. Now, even if you have had an interview, employers do not bother to get in touch to let you know if they want you for a second interview or if you are just not the person they have been looking for all this time. Even if you e-mail them to thank them for their time and reiterate your interest in the role and ask directly if they want you for a second interview (after a week’s wait), their response is blowing in the wind. … Continue reading Big Jessies and┬áRude-Boys