iWant One, iDo

The twin obstacles of lack of money and lack of understanding have so far precluded me from the iPhone revolution. As a Generation-X-er, a youngish one mark you, I view technological advances and gadgets by looking at what they can do for me – ‘What do I want this to do?’ The whole iPhone phenomenon has passed me by, simply because  I already have a phone. I use it to talk to people, text people and take crappy photographs – although I do nothing with them because I don’t know how to upload them to my computer.

I realise I should be embracing technology and new tools with a more accepting ‘What can this do?’ and then use or integrate that application to enhance my very existence. Sigh.

This morning I experienced my very first excitement about the iPhone. Check out the demo for this app from Ether Books. It is brilliantly simple and understated, and will have you salivating almost immediately. They are about to add the wonderful Christopher Fowler to their author list with six of his short stories and now I want an iPhone.

Richard Dawkins reading Texas Bill of Rights on iPhone - not talking to God

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