iWant One, iDo

The twin obstacles of lack of money and lack of understanding have so far precluded me from the iPhone revolution. As a Generation-X-er, a youngish one mark you, I view technological advances and gadgets by looking at what they can do for me – ‘What do I want this to do?’ The whole iPhone phenomenon has passed me by, simply because  I already have a phone. I use it to talk to people, text people and take crappy photographs – although I do nothing with them because I don’t know how to upload them to my computer. I realise I … Continue reading iWant One, iDo


Although I would admit to displaying the odd nerdy quality, there is nothing geek-like or go-go-gadget girl about me mainly because I’m not always sure what it is all about.  Technology is quite a beast. And although it is often a bit too techy for me, I do read Life Hacker everyday and always look forward to their weekly Hive Five where they put a call out for the best five of any number of given topics. I have learnt a lot from Hive Five and plan to one day consolidate that knowledge and perhaps even do something with it like build … Continue reading Hack-a