Creative Writing: Week Six Psychogeography

This Thursday instead of our usual classroom environment, we are going on a field trip.  We meet at 10:30 (within walking distance of where I live – how cool is that?) and then all disperse not to meet again until 15:30.  In a bar.  We are the epitome of civilised writers and I shall drink gin for the occasion.

We are going on a psychogeography trip, again for me a new concept and a chance to learn something.  There is a really useful review of Merlin Coverley’s ‘Psychogeography – by Stuart Kelly naturally.

I really love the concept of drawing round a wine glass to decide a route and I am thinking I may draw round the bottom of a gin bottle.  I read something the other day which I am desperately trying to find to reproduce here…something about how the environment affects the behaviour and emotions of the individual.  Ack!  I will find it later.

I have also now added Iain Sinclair ‘Lights Out For The Territory’ to my reading list; a list which is now taller than me.   More about psychogeography later.  I have some reading material to finish, provided in the pack Sam Kelly put together for us, and I have an idea about how to approach my walk that I need to flesh out.  It’s all very exciting!

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