As part of our course we have one to one mentoring with either David or Sam.   This is another difference from other creative writing courses and after only one session I can see the value of such a provision.  We are even allowed to send up to 5,000 words at a time prior to a session if we want more robust and in-depth editing/mentoring.

Obviously at this early stage there is not much for me to say about my mentoring, however I can tell you that Sam’s office on the ground floor is lovely and bright with two big windows, and contains a bookcase (full), a number of wall mounted shelves for books (full) and the entire space under her desk for leg room (full of books piled to the underneath of the desk).  Hilarious!  I half expected to see a pile of books used as chairs and coffee tables.  I bet the boys in her life never offered to carry her books for fear of hernias and slipped discs.