An interlude

I spent the earlier part of the day showing people around rental properties across town.  I am always amazed at the poor standard of accommodation being touted by landlords in Edinburgh, and even more astonished that there is someone willing to pay for homes that have not been cleaned or decorated since the mid 70’s.   I saw one apartment today that made me want to shower with wire wool and dettol.

After, I met a friend at the book festival where he had been to see David Sedaris.  I bought gin and tonics and we waited about an hour in a queue for the book signing.  Queueing is a wholly different experience when you have a gin and tonic and I plan to never queue sans gin again.

I listened to a Radio 4 documentary on a lute that took 15 years to restore that gave me an idea for a story.

Some of these posts are going to be quite boring but I want to cultivate the habit of blogging daily.  Bear with me!

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