It’s a small Roof-world

Impatiently waiting for me to mix a drink, my mother picked up and idly flicked through my last theory assignment, which looked at some of the main ideas from Michael Foucault’s essay ‘What is an Author?” and the author online. I wasn’t really expecting much of a reaction but she emitted a little astonished “Oh!” of recognition.  I was quite taken aback until she explained that no, she didn’t have a clue who Foucault was or what he was going on about, but she did recognise Christopher Fowler who I mention in relation to the online presence of the author … Continue reading It’s a small Roof-world

Wha’s like us? Damn few an’ they’re a’ deid!

When it comes to being Scottish, I aspire to the Sean Connery school of practice – delighted to have a say in the running of the country but really prefer not to live there. It’s not just because of Alex Salmond, but also the weather which seems to be permanently turned to cold and wet.  A Sean Connery mascot style role, flown in for parties and ceremonies sounds much nicer. Please don’t think I am not proud to be Scottish.  I am – most of the time. I think my country is beautiful and I feel rather spiritually connected to the … Continue reading Wha’s like us? Damn few an’ they’re a’ deid!

J.D Salinger

I think everyone reads J.D Salinger not because they discovered his work but because Catcher in the Rye is force- fed to us all around the age of 14/15.  I have to be honest; I don’t remember being blown away by this book. I am prepared to be denounced as illiterate and uneducated, tutted at for being the philistine among you but if I remember correctly, I found it a rather boring book. I think I still have my school copy in the attic and based on my recent bout of learning and discovery, and owing to his passing I … Continue reading J.D Salinger

David Foster Wallace

I was introduced to this writer through our close reading practice and there is a link to the piece we looked at in the entry on November 8 – Close Reading of the Literary Kind. Tonight when I was waiting for our quiz I picked up one of the McSweeney’s and started to read another short story by the amazingly talented David Foster Wallace. I can’t post a link to the piece because I was interrupted before finishing and didn’t take a note of the title – d’oh!  I will tomorrow. I did however Google DFW not ten minutes ago … Continue reading David Foster Wallace

Sophie Hannah Prediction

OK I was right. There were nuances and details I had not properly fleshed out but I was dead on with the general gist. Obviously I can’t say too much here because I don’t want to spoil the mystery for anyone who has not read Little Face. My one disappointment with the book was that it contains one of these scenes: hero/ine is two steps in front of the police and one step behind the murderer and is at that crucial point where they are about to reveal/find the evidence/set a trap when the killer turns round and there is a … Continue reading Sophie Hannah Prediction