I planned to have a lovely recount of the excellent Electric Bookshop, but I was running so late I missed it. Massive failure. I did drive past in time to see Scotland’s own literary paparazzo heading for the washroom, and for once he wasn’t brandishing his camera…

At least I was on time to see Edinburgh Skeptics founder Ash Pryce in his first of three Psychic Trickery shows, ‘How to be a Psychic Con-Man’. This was a research trip for the book. Ash is an engaging performer and amusingly passionate in his denouncement – although he would never really accuse them of fraud – of most…OK all self-proclaimed psychics. He has quite a soft spot for Uri Geller. I now know how to move a pencil using just the power of my mind. No blowing whatsoever.

I would have gone to Starbucks for another bedtime hot chocolate but had no money. I am now accepting financial donations and loaded Starbucks cards.