It’s never what you know, but who you know

I’m not so good with children. I’m never sure what to say to them and they seem to feel the same way about me. We tend to  circle each other nervously – always polite – but really each of us is looking for the quickest way out of the room. Imagine my surprise and delight to discover that naming David Bishop as one of my tutors and mentors gave me instant street cred with a five-year old.

How could this be possible? Nina and the Neurons.

Having put the TV in the showflat on for the young child of the couple who are buying the apartment, I asked the boy if he would prefer Pat and Stan or Nina and the Neurons. “Nina!” he and his mother both yelled. Oh my. Casually I name drop David Bishop and the mother tells me about a brilliant episode about the heart that had both she and her son glued to the TV.

Me: “My teacher wrote that episode. He tells Nina what to say.”

Son: “Wow!”

Mother: “And he taught your course?”

Me: “Yes.”

Mother and Son: “Wow!”

See for yourself.  Nina and the Neurons by David Bishop 

The very perky Nina

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