MA Gag Reel

In a mentoring session far, far away …

Me: So based on your feedback, I have performed some  cosmetic tweaks to the piece but I have some questions about the best way to improve this section *points*, and I’m worried about this section *points*

Sam: Yes. Well. I think I have to be careful about how I explain things. When I said a few tweaks I meant take a huge step back and rewrite the whole piece.

Me: *jaw clunks to floor and heart follows* But I have it in black and white! You said ‘This is a sophisticated piece which, with a few tweaks, would be more than worthy of publication.’ *stamps feet, pouts and wipes tear from corner of eye*

Sam: Let’s look at this …

One hour later …

Sam: No. I was right the first time, it only needed a few tweaks.

Me: *detaches finger nails from ceiling and slides down wall into a vat of gin*

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Post Mentoring Workout

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