Where Readers Rush in

It is a genuine feeling of panic. Pure panic complete with cold sweats, sticky palms and dry mouth. Certain I am only going to be minutes, I park the car without paying the meter or only paying for the minimum 15 minutes. Being a fast walker and inherently impatient means I am not one for dawdling. 15 minutes are ample time for me to enter Waterstone’s, find and pay for the book I want and get back to the car. But like all good plans ganging aft agley, it is so often the case that the book I want is in the 3 for 2 deal. Poof! All my earlier focus and single-minded determination is laid waste by the demon of choice.

I can’t walk past 3 for 2 – you get three books for two! And when I have enough time on the parking meter I love the excitement of the exceeded expectation. You think you are buying one book and then have to choose another two! Delicious. But when you have time restrictions governed by polyester clad pod people brandishing cameras and bad attitudes it is nerve-wracking.

Wise Words

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