Childe Roland to the Mousemat Came

There is one book in my to-read list which has been relegated to the end of the queue as I am currently using it as a wrist rest for my mouse. The volume in question is Dramatic Romances,Volume 5 in a series of 11 ‘uniform editions of the works of Robert Browning’ published by Smith, Elder & Co in 1889.  So that is the wrist; for the mouse … well I am using a collection of 8 uncirculated coins sponsored by Benson & Hedges cleverly called ‘Pieces of Eight’. I won’t bore you with why I had to throw out my mouse mat and rest but this is my  interim solution until I buy something new.

Makeshift Mouse Matters

I have the Robert Browning volume because it features the poem ‘Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came” the poem that inspired the marvellous Dark Tower series by Stephen King. I remember – not with any pride – the day my mother called to tell me Stephen King had died after being hit by a car. There were conflicting reports at the time about his condition and I am ashamed to admit that my first reaction was horror; horror that I would never know the ending to the Dark Tower because Stephen King was dead. How could he be so stupid? What the hell was he doing out walking on a road when he should be at home writing? Did the man have no consideration for anyone else; did he not know I was waiting for the next instalment?

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