It’s not me; it’s you

John Burnside was our  guest speaker yesterday. He talked about his book ‘A Lie About My Father’, and the sequel which I think is about to be released, ‘Waking up in Toytown’.

During the Q&A he was asked a Q; the exact phrasing of which I would not like to venture, but his A explained that the man he describes in ALAMF, is not the man he is now…or the man he was five years ago. The man in ALAMF can now almost be described as a fictional character, he is rooted so long ago in the past. This has lost some of its potency through the filters of translation and time (I am aware it was only yesterday but I am aged and three drinks in) but his words sent me on a Where’s Wally trip back through my own timeline and I was able to identify different me’s, some of them in plain view, some hiding but thankfully only one in a striped top and matching hat.

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