Christopher Fowler

I remembered a book called Roofworld when I was on my psychogeography trip when I was looking at…roofs; but for the life of me could not remember the author.  I can’t remember much of the story either as I read it about a thousand years ago.  When I returned home I hit up the old Google and turns out that while my back was turned, Christopher Fowler has written many more books, including a detective series named after a box of matches!

Every time I cross something off my to-read list, I add another three, or in this case another 21…sheesh!

2 thoughts on “Christopher Fowler

  1. Sorry about the prolific writing thing, but mind you ‘Roofworld’ was 1988 so you’ve been away an awfully long time! You don’t have to read them all – many are out of print – but might I suggest ‘Calabash’, ‘Paperboy’ and a few of the Bryant & May books?

    1. 1988 you say? Good grief! Another one of life’s gentle reminders that if I think of a number, double it and add 15, I am still older. I am not really sure what I have been doing since then; you obviously have been writing, and based on how much I loved Roofworld I am sorry I have missed your work! I shall catch up quick though and thank you for the reading suggestions. I am going to start with Roofworld. I am also absolutely delighted that you bothered to leave a comment – thank you so much!!

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