Currently Reading…

…I got into bed last night with

1. my pink moleskin

2. OED

3. John Burnside –  A Lie About My Father

4. Tim Etchells – The Broken World

5. my journal

6. Steve Toltz – A Fraction of the Whole

7. one autistic and one bulimic cat (I know.  I am like a horrible chick lit cliche character.  Sigh)

The Steve Toltz novel should not even be on my radar at this time, but I read the first 30 pages last night and I am utterly blown away by this book.

P.G Wodehouse to date remains the only writer that can make me guffaw out loud when reading.   I smile hard at others, but old Wodey was king of the spontaneous guffaw.  Stand up Steve Toltz for reaching such a lofty pinnacle.  I looooooovvvvvvveeeee this book.  It grabs you, two strong hands on your shoulders, and stuffs you into the story.  If you try to look away it slaps you in the face.  Really hard.  Your attention is allowed no other outlet.  It is fast, funny and clever and is so far the best one night stand I have ever had!  This is the kind of book you happily throw a sickie at work for/cancel dates/neglect children/forget to wash so you can read interrupted, because it’s about you dammit!

If you see anyone walking around today with a scarlet hand print on the side of their face, ask them if they are reading A Fraction of the Whole.

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