Somebody always beats me to it!

I have been cauldron stirring a black, black bile-piece about cyclists  (an evil we can eradicate if we put our minds and backs into it), for years now and Carol Midgely has piqued me at the post.

I am aware that there are two kinds of cyclists on the road – those that have read the highway code and view themselves as road users, and those who are utter bastards and deserve to be driven over.  This latter group are the ones that pay no attention to lane marking, that coast along without pedalling allowing a major back-up of traffic to grow behind them, the ones who think it is quite within their right to hit your car, which as far as I am concerned is threatening behaviour and tantamount to assault.  The latter group also – tell you what; we are all friends here so let us dispense with the formality and call them bastards.  The bastards also behave as though the world was one big crazy cycle path just for them, and that roads and other users are an annoyance they have to navigate.  I wish as a car driver I could create my own lane, ride in and out between stationary traffic to the head of the queue so I could make everyone wait for me.   I would love to go through red lights – for every cyclist I have seen waiting at a red light I have seen at least four or five who flip it and us the bird and go do what they want to do instead.  Gosh I would love to return that compliment.  Bah-meh grumble.  I am quite sure this is not the last I have to say on the matter…

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