First Drabble

Ack!!  I long to be independently wealthy so I don’t have to interrupt doing what I want to do with something I have to do in order to pay bills!

I am so in love with the drabble concept and here is my first attempt:

Journeyman of the Gods

He shook his head, his beard clinging to the crags of his face.

“It wasn’t a fleece, but it was at the end of the world.  Don’t believe them when they tell you it’s round.  If you are not careful you can fall right off.”

I poured Jason another drink and thought about leaning out too far, brinks.

“It was man-skin, a golden flay.”

“Who was he?” I asked

“God Foe. They needed his skin.”

We both leant into our drinks.

“Men are at the whim of the gods, real or imagined.”

“What is next for you?” I asked


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