More on Street Reading, Street Reviews and e-reading

I found this article among many in my Reader this morning and it got me thinking again about book covers, synopsis and street reading. I picked up Jarful of Angels by Babs Horton at least 1,000 times in Waterstones over the course of about three months. I liked the book cover but hated the synopsis so much that I always put it back down. Finally I bought the book and loved it; the cover was right but the synopsis was wrong. I now trust Babs Horton and won’t even look at the synopsis when I see her work;  although I … Continue reading More on Street Reading, Street Reviews and e-reading

Street Reading and Street Reviews

Forgive me WordPress for I have sinned. It’s been nearly three weeks since my last post. There has been a lot going on, not least my sister being injured in a car crash. It was quite scary the first few days especially when she stopped breathing after her lungs collapsed but I am happy to say that she is going to be absolutely fine once orthopaedics finish stapling and glueing her leg back together. Travelling to the hospital to see her requires a four hour return trip and given that I haven’t spoken to my sister in 18 years, bedside … Continue reading Street Reading and Street Reviews