Fact or Friction

Standing outside a typical Edinburgh tenement building waiting to show viewers round a property, I became fascinated with an elderly woman at a window of a more modern apartment building across the street. The window was open at the bottom and at first I thought she was using a towel to clean the glass, but as I continued to watch a more interesting picture began to develop. I could see behind her into a miserable and far too predictable bedroom, the furnishings so grey and miserly I wondered if she was in sheltered housing. Two facts dawned on me at … Continue reading Fact or Friction

Writer at Work

I had my first summer term mentoring session on Thursday and last night I stayed up til 02:00 working for the next session in four weeks. I have a lot to do. I have also been writing this morning but if I don’t shift my carcass into gear and get into the shower, I will be late for the job that actually pays me. I am so sleepy and so happy – I’m slappy. Continue reading Writer at Work