Don’t drink and blog

Just one more, she wheedled, I’ll be fine! I can handle it and anyway, I don’t have far to go. I have just finished an embarrassing hour searching high and low for the bit of paper that has the co-ordinates and password for a blogspot site I started a couple of weeks ago – after a few cooking sherries,  to showcase some short and some really short stories. I can’t find it. Ah crap. Continue reading Don’t drink and blog

Search Me

One of the things I love about WordPress is the blog stats especially the section that lets you see what search someone performed that resulted in them clicking through to your blog. When I was contracted to rewrite all the customer facing communication for a large financial company, the department I worked for had a regular ‘Brick of the Week’ award ceremony. It was a process of rewarding the most stupid person on record that week, and the prize was an actual size sponge brick. I don’t have prizes to hand out but from time to time I shall reveal … Continue reading Search Me