Not one of the magic sisters

For various reasons, financial and wardrobe restrictions not withstanding, I tend not to attend many soirees, candlelit suppers, receptions, launches and exhibitions. I used to and I miss them, so it was very nice to be sent –  through the post mark you not online, an invitation to raise a glass to James Robertson, the newly appointed writer in residence for our course. Apart from the staggeringly bad canapes that looked as though even Iceland (not the country) had refused them for their frozen dinner pack – 6 courses for 16 people for only £3.99, the evening was most enjoyable. … Continue reading Not one of the magic sisters

To game or not to game

To the best of my knowledge, I have seen one movie containing Johnny Depp. I tell you this not to boast or to confess but to further illustrate my main point. Apart from a quick foray into Sonic the Hedgehog way back when, and the occasional game of Solitaire or Freecell whilst waiting for Word to sort itself out, I have never played a computer game. I feel a bit raw and self conscious about this especially as it turns out I have never watched TV except for Emmerdale. The other day at university our erudite and ever dapper reader-in-residence … Continue reading To game or not to game